Co-Curricular Activities

A rich program of co-curricular activities-sports, dance, music, art, drama and hobby classes run parallel to academic curriculum. These activities are conducted regularly through inter-house competitions. The four houses are SATYA, DHARM, PREM and SHANTI. the staff and students are divided into four houses satya, dharma, prem, shanti. This inculcates in them a competitive spirit in a healthy way through inter-house events. science, craft and computer exhibitions are held annually. annual function, independence day, republic day, birthdays of great national leaders, eminent personalities and social reformers are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the students. thus qualities of healthy self-reliance and discipline are developed in students .house assembly and house activities are held on Saturday . All the students should wear house T-shirts on Saturday .The names of houses help to inculcate values of truth, love for all, peace and doing one's duty for a fulfilling life.
The staff and students are divided into various clubs. It brings the multifarious talents at one platform by carving the aesthetic skills, scientific skills, creative skills, literary & performing arts etc. There are a number of hobby clubs that function in the school to provide children with an outlet of their creativity . 13 clubs are functioning actively to bring out the talents in students.Science club,Literary club, Fine Art & Craft club , Technology-Computer club, Dramatics Club & Maths club.
Computer club
Inter house Quiz & hosting Inter School meet e-fiesta since 2005.
Science club
Exhibition of projects and Models based on subject topics , celebration of science day, World Aids Day, World Population day,World Habitat day etc.
Literary Club (Hindi, English & Sanskrit)
Elocution, Quiz , Debate, Kavya path,Kavi Sammelan, Just a minute, Speech , Hindi & Sanskrit Diwas Celebration & hosting Inter School event- Coherance- literary fest since.2006.
Health & Wellness club
Arranging for medical check up camps, Organizing Health awareness workshop, Speech on heath and hygiene (5 min) in assembly twice a week , workshops on health awareness etc.
Social Service Club
“Joy of giving” initiating literacy programme “Asha Kiran “ Distribute articles of daily use & stationary etc among the inmates of orphanages , old homes & hospitals. The social service club undertakes socially-relevant activities such as spreading literacy among the weaker section of the society in the neighborhood of the school thus contributing significantly and productively towards the upliftment of society.
Maths Club
Quiz –inter class, Projects for annual art and craft exhibition based on different games.
Nature club-Petalss
The environment sensitization programs are regularly run by the nature club involving children in tree plantation, anti-polythene campaigns, waste utilization projects. Our keen young environmentalists undertake awareness programs to sensitize society to understand the urgency to conserve our surroundings for the survival of mankind. Educational and nature tours are regularly organized to allow students to explore and connect with nature.
Youth Conclave
Each club is taking up inter school activities every year for mass participation of students on a common platform “Youth Conclave “- a 5 day event thus creating awareness and interest in academic and co-curricular activities. Inter school environment meet by nature club organizes competitions such as speech, debates , collage making , poster making, face painting etc related to conservation & preservation of nature.To bring of the literary sensibilities of the students a literary fest “Coherence” has events like speech , posters , skit , debate elocution , calligraphy , spell bee, What’s the good word, nukkud natak etc.he techno smart club the computer club holds IT related competitions testing the gizmo freaks through competitions Web designing , Great Connections, Speech & Quiz based on IT related topics.The interactive fiesta of the primary wing-“Progeny” acts as a platform to bring froth the natural talent and enthusiasm of the kids through competitions like origami, Impression , Collage Making , dramatization, Pygmalion etc.The cultural fiesta was another inclusion in youth conclave this year 2019-2020 in which the aesthetic and creative talent of the students found an outlet.
Creative Activities
Sports & Games
Essay competition Cricket
Debate, JAM Session Basket Ball
Elocution, Spell bee Volley Ball
Quiz Table Tennis
Art Badminton
Painting Kho-Khoo
Needle work Kabaddi
Soft Toys Athletics
Food Craft Judo
Dance & Dramatics Gymnastics
Music Yoga
Vocal Taekwondo
Instrumental Aerobics
Mehndi, Alpanaa Chess & Tree Planting Carrom

The school publishes its annual magazine and a newsletter (Half Yearly). The Newsletter is hyper-linked to the school website. All religion prayer is held every Saturday during the assembly. Excerpts from various religious books are read out and the meaning is explained driving home the idea that all religions preach the same thing. This results in inculcating secular values in young impressionable minds thus creating respect for fellow human beings and all creatures who share this beautiful planet with us.