The School admits students at the age of 3 in the class Pre-Nursery. The admission is irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It is based on the child's performance in the entrance test/interview.
1.The school has following sections:-
Kids Section : Pre-Nursery to Class II
Primary & Junior Section : Class III to Class VIII
Senior Section : Class IX to XII
2. At the time of admission Parents/Guardians are required to fill up the prescribed admission form. The date of submission of admission form is put up on the notice board at the time of distribution of forms.
3. While seeking admission Parents/Guardins should produce transfer certificate from the school where the child studied last, duly signed by the competent authority. In case of admission to Pre-Nursery, an attested copy of birth certificate should be attached with the form.
4. Admission form duly filled and completed in all respect will be entertained. Incomplete form is liable to be rejected.
5. The Principal is empowered to reject any admission form if she considers it necessary.
6. The School reserves the right to review the fee schedule and rules from time to time. The final interpretation of any rule within the prospectus as well as any amendment to it, solely lies, with the school authorities. Its interpretation shall be final and binding on Parents/Guardians and students.
7. The Parents/Guardians should abide by the terms and conditions as laid down by the institution.
8. Tuition fees and all other dues must be paid in time.

It aims at creating good citizens, possessing sound health, appropriate skills & desirable qualities, besides academic excellence.
First Term - April to September Formative Assessments - Two
Summative Assessment - I
Second Term - October to March Formative Assessments - Two
Summative Assessment - II

The following are the subjects of study.
1. Class I and II
English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science, Craft & Drawing, General Knowledge, Computer Applications & Awareness, Music and Dance, Physical Education, Art of Productive Living & Life Skill Education.
2. Class III to V
English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science, Sanskrit (Class IV onwards), Moral Education, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Computer Applications and Awareness, Music and Dance, Physical Education, Art of Productive Living & Life Skill Education.
3. Class VI to VIII
English, Hindi, Maths, Science & Technology (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) Social Science (History, Civics & Geography), Sanskrit, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Computer Literacy and Awareness, Music & Moral Education (Life Skill Education for Classes VI & VII), Physical Education & Environmental Education.
4. Class IX & X
English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit, Science &Technology (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Social Science (History, Civics, Disaster Management, Economics & Geography), Work Experience, Computer Literacy and Awareness, Music, Physical Education and Environmental Education.

In Class XI a student can offer her choice of stream & subjects as given below. As per CBSE guidelines, a student is not permitted to change subjects in X & XII.

1. Arts Stream(45%)

(a) English Core
(b) Hindi Core / Sanskrit Core / Information Practices(Any One)
(c) Psychology / History (Any One)
(d) Sociology / Economics (Any One)
(e) Fashion Studies / Banking / Insurance(Any One)(Vocational)
(f) Geography / Business Studies / Information Practices(Any One)

2. Science Stream 65% Aggregate(65% in Mathematics & Science)

(a) English Core (Compulsory)
(b) Physics (Compulsory)
(c) Chemistry (Compulsory)
(d) Computer Science / Hindi Core / Maths (Any One)
(e) Fashion Studies / Banking / Insurance(Any One)(Vocational)
(f) Biology / Mathematics / Sanskrit Core(Any One)

3. Commerce Stream 60% Aggregate (65% in Mathematics if opted)

(a) English Core (Compulsory)
(b) Accountancy (Compulsory)
(c) Business Studies (Compulsory)
(d ) Economics / Hindi Core(Any One)
(e) Fashion Studies / Banking / Insurance(Any One)(Vocational)
(f) Information Practices / Sanskrit / Mathematics(Any One)

a. Stream / Subjects will be allowed strictly on the criteria set by the school.(Subject to merit and availability of seat)
b. A student must offer five subjects. However, she can offer the additional subject as sixth subject.
c. Students are advised to choose Stream / Subjects after careful consideration and consultation with their parents and teachers keeping in mind their own aptitude and caliber to avoid disappointment at later stage.
School Timing:
Summer : 8:00 am - 12:30 pm (Prep Section )
7:20 am - 1:20 pm (Class I to V)
7:20 am - 2:00 pm (Class VI to XII)
Winter : 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (Prep Section)
7:50 am - 1:50 pm (Class I to V)
7:50 am - 2:30 pm (Class VI to XII)
Note : Winter timing may be changed according to the order of the district administration.